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Terms & Conditions

General Terms and Conditions for Banquets

Please note:

These terms and conditions apply to the rental of the restaurant's conference and banqueting facilities for events and all associated services. The contracting parties are the Purchaser and the Restaurant.

The terms and conditions apply as follows:

  1. The reservation of rooms and the arrangement of services are binding for the Purchaser as soon as the Restaurant confirms the reservation.
  2. The statutory value added tax is included in all prices. The Restaurant reserves the right to make change to the prices if the period between contract and the event exceeds 60 days.
  3. Restaurant invoices are to be paid without deductions within 10 days of the invoice date. Deposits will be calculated in the final statement.
  4. No à la Carte service is available for banquets with catering where the number of guests exceeds 12 people. The meal must be pre-ordered.
  5. There will be an extra charge for additional services such as music and floral decorations.
  6. The Purchaser is liable for any loss or damage caused by the event organisers or participants, as well as for any loss or damage that he or she personally causes. It is the responsibility of the organisers to take out the appropriate insurance. In order to prevent damage to the historic walls, decorative materials or other items may only be mounted upon advance consultation with the Restaurant. The Restaurant is not liable for any loss or damage to items brought to the premises.
  7. Where the Restaurant provides technical or other equipment from third parties on the instructions of the Operator or Purchaser in the name of and on behalf of the Purchaser, the Purchaser shall be liable for the careful handling and proper return of these items.
  8. The Purchaser may not bring food or drinks to the events.
  9. If the Restaurant has reasonable grounds to believe that the banquet endangers the smooth business operation, safety or the reputation of the House, it reserves the right cancel the event. This also applies to Acts of God.
  10. Newspaper advertisements that contain event invitations always require the prior approval of the Restaurant.

Addendum (confirmed banquet reservations)

Cancellation of the banquet:

  • A) after the receipt of the reservation confirmation: the Restaurant will charge the amount of the room rental plus CHF 70.00 per person for lost revenue
  • B) up to 7 days before the event: the Restaurant will charge the amount of the room rental plus CHF 100.00 per person for lost revenue



  • Lump sum for event extension from 00:30 to 03:00, as well as the exclusive use of the bar rooms: CHF 590.00 (the Gourmet room is closed from 24h00)
  • Reservations for the ARTS-Gourmet room on Saturday evening are valid upon the receipt of a deposit of CHF 50.00 per person.
  • Exclusive rental of facilities per day or per evening is available upon request.

The Purchaser agrees that these terms and conditions, as well any other information on this website, have been originally drawn up in German. Although translations of this information may be available, such translations may not be complete. Accordingly, the Purchaser agrees that in the event of any conflict between the German language version of the documents and any translations thereof, the German language version shall always prevail.

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